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Wednesday, July 24 2024  

Desktop Mailing Software for Windows ME/NT/XP/2000/2003

To see easy to follow videos of the following steps, simply click on the video icons Video Icon that you see below.

It just takes 3 easy steps to send thousands of personalized emails...

  1. Install the software by clicking your mouse button 7 times Click to see video
  2. Enter your mail account data, even less than Outlook asks for Click to see video

    What if you used web based email like e.g. an Yahoo Mail Plus email account? Then you need to enable POP3 access in Yahoo! Mail Plus.

    To enable it, log into Yahoo! Mail Plus, click on "Mail Options" and then "POP Access and Forwarding". Then choose "Web and POP Access".

    Your SMTP server address will be: or if you are located in Australia

    Your SMTP username will be your Account Name/Login Name
    and your SMTP password is your Yahoo! Mail password.

    If you have your own domain, your SMTP server address could be or If you are not 100% sure, simply ask your web hosts technical support staff.

    If you need a free email account with SMTP access that you can use in Add2it LeadsMailer Pro, please take a look at this list of free Pop3 / free IMAP / free SMTP services.
  3. Choose a leads file from your computer and click on "Send Mail" Click to see video

And that's only the very first time you use Add2it LeadsMailer Pro. Starting the second time you can skip over step 1 and 2 and go straight to step 3.

Now to the other features of Add2it LeadsMailer Pro...

  1. Changing the message body and subject Click to see video

    The software comes with a default body and subject already loaded. That default body and subject can be modified at any time.

    You can send out plain text or HTML emails.

    If you have a HTML message prepared with your favorite WYSIWYG HTML editor like Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage, you can simply load those files in Add2it LeadsMailer Pro.
  2. Using leads files types that are not automatically recognized by the software Click to see video

    The software is able to work with most kinds of lead files. Fields can be seperated by coma (,), semicolon (;), pipe (|) or by a tab. The software is able to automatically recognize the number and kind of fields included in most leads file types.

    In the rare case that you have a leads file type not automatically recognized, you can manually choose the field types or even show the software how to handle this lead file types in the future by saving a new pattern.

    Important Note: Leads files must not have more then 16 fields. If there are more, trim it down to 16 of less.

Other functions of the software are...

  1. Mail Settings (allows you to modify the settings you chose during the initial setup)
  2. Add2it LeadsMailer Pro Manual (you are looking at it right now)
  3. Recommended Resources
  4. About Add2it LeadsMailer Pro

You can use to following personalization tags in the body and subject of messages...

  1. ^email^ - Email address
  2. ^fname^ - First name
  3. ^lname^ - Last name
  4. ^name^ - Full name
  5. ^street^ - Street address
  6. ^city^ - City
  7. ^state^ - State
  8. ^zip^ - Zip code
  9. ^country^ - Country
  10. ^phone^ - Phone number
  11. ^timestamp^ - Timestamp
  12. ^ip^ - IP address
  13. ^q1^ - Question #1
  14. ^q2^ - Question #2
  15. ^q3^ - Question #3
  16. ^q4^ - Question #4
  17. ^yourname^ - The name you entered during setup
  18. ^youremail^ - The email you entered during setup
  19. ^yourid^ - The ID / Username you entered during setup


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